Top 10 Sex Tips for Men – Experience the Best Sex Ever

Unfortunately there are a lot of men today who do not make too much effort in the bedroom. If you do not make a conscious effort, after a while sex will become boring and your partner may end up looking elsewhere.

There are a number of ways you can spice up your sex life and give your girlfriend the time of her life in bed by showing her that you can be a true Greek god between the sheets.

  • Foreplay

If your foreplay technique usually consists of going straight for the clitoris, you probably do not realize that this can be quite rough for a woman and sometimes it might feel unpleasant. Even as menioned in program 2 girls teach sex you should begin foreplay by stimulating other parts of your partner’s body such as kissing her breasts or upper thighs. Once she is aroused then you can move to the clitoris; she will be more ready for it and find it pleasurable rather than somewhat painful.

  • Take your time

If after a few weeks your partner lets you do whatever you want in the bedroom you have found an unusual lover, because usually good sex takes time and patience to develop. Normally you may have to stick with more conventional sex until trust increases and it is time to test the boundaries. Before trying out wild positions, enjoy simple sex and let some time passed before you try more advanced techniques.

  • Using a Vibrator or Sex-toy

Using a vibrator is a great way to liven up your love life as vibration has been found to increase female sexual enjoyment more so than penetration. If you do not have a vibrator at hand anything that vibrates can help; like a vibrating cell phone or having sex with her sitting on top of the washing machine or dryer.

  • Back seat sex

Teenage sex often consists of romantic car rides that end up in a secluded spot with a romp on the back-seat. Most of us have fond memories of those days so why not trying taking a sexy car ride and revisiting past experiences? This can lead to incredible sex as past feelings and the innocence of a new relationship are a powerful combination.

  • Chocolate

For many years chocolate has been used as a mild aphrodisiac. Due to its sensual taste and texture it is difficult not to think of sex if you eat chocolate under the right circumstances. Very few women dislike chocolate, and buying her some treat chocolate will most definitely get you in her good books. Do not go for a cheap bar of Hershey’s – make sure you pick the most extravagant and expensive chocolate you can afford.

  • Making love in an elevator

Having sex in an elevator can be a thrilling experience providing neither of you is claustrophobic. However, if you are in an electric elevator make sure you do not use the stop button as this will most likely sound off the alarm. The older freight type of elevators usually do not have an alarm and can be restarted once you’re done. For many people public sex is a great turn on, and a fantastic way to spice up any relationship.

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  • Try the Yab-Yum

The Yab-Yum position is a yogic-like sexual position that originated in eastern India. It makes use of synchronized breathing between lovers. The woman should sit on the man’s lap on the ground with a pillow underneath. Both partners should place their hands on the other’s back, and then synchronize their breathing either simultaneously or alternatively. The man’s penis will be touching the woman’s clitoris before long penetration can be achieved. Women usually enjoy this position immensely as they have more control.

  • Sex in the wild

Visiting a natural secluded spot will help you and your partner get in touch with your primitive selves and indulge in wild animal-like sex. Studies have found that outdoor sex releases brain endorphins, particularly on a nice sunny day. Having sex in a tent can also be a satisfying experience, albeit not quite so wild.

  • Pillows

Using pillows or beanbags can improve your sexual experience by giving you extra leverage and texture. If your girlfriend sits on a pillow it helps to elevate the vagina and allows for easier penetration. A bean bag provides a very unusual texture and the sinking feeling it gives is perfect for sex.

  • Train sex

Having sex on a train is exhilarating and thrilling thanks to the rhythmic movement as it speeds along the tracks. Obviously you will have to decide if the risk of getting caught is worth the great sex.

These are just a few of the ways you can bring excitement and a breath of fresh air into the bedroom. All you need is a little imagination and the desire to want to keep your relationship healthy and alive.


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