4 Most Common Sex Myths That Could Be Misleading You

When in school many children make up strange stories about sex. Looking back at them now may make us laugh, and we wonder how we could have believed them at the time.

However, some myths are never really disproved to us as adults and it is possible that we still subconsciously believe in them today.

Unfortunately, these beliefs could be stopping you from having the great sex that you have the potential to enjoy.

Here we take a look at a few of the myths that are commonly still believed by many adults today.

Myth 1: Only men can enjoy porn.

This is most definitely a myth because electroencephalograms have revealed that when women look at pornographic pictures their brainwaves react in exactly the same way as those of a man.

Using erotic material is a great method for women to discover different types of sex and to learn more about the activities they might like to try out for themselves in bed. If you are a woman who enjoys watching pornography alone, try watching with a guy – for sure you will be surprised at how turned on you both become.

Myth 2: For a woman to enjoy sex, her partner’s penis must be of a certain size.

This is a myth that is regarded as true by many women and men alike. However, great sex can be achieved regardless of the size of the man’s penis. According to the 2 Girls Teach Sex program this is total truth. Having a large penis does not mean he will be able to meet your G-spot. In fact, a large penis can make sex uncomfortable and cause pain if it hits the cervix. If this penis is under average there are certain positions you can use that will increase pleasure doing sex and a grinding movement as opposed to thrusting can work wonders.

Myth 3: The G-spot only exists in the imagination.

The truth is French researchers have found physical evidence that the G spot does indeed exist. There is a small area of tissue separating the urethra from the vagina which is thicker than the surrounding area. For a number of women this spot is extremely sensitive, and when massaged can bring on intensive orgasms.

To try to achieve G-spot orgasm, lie back and allow your partner to stimulate the upper side of the vagina with two fingers. Once he has found the G-spot you should know immediately. You can also try to discover this by yourself. To stimulate the G spot while having sex, it is usually best to use the doggy position or the female on the top position. This gives you control and helps to target the penis towards the correct spot.

In program 2 Girls Teach Sex you will be able to learn exactly how to stimulate her G-spot and how to give her most intense vaginal orgasm. Just read the 2 girls teach sex review and decide whether it is worth your time.

Myth 4: Only women can achieve multiple orgasms.

While it is true that men are limited to the quantity of sperm they can release during a specific time-frame it is possible for them to have repeated climaxes providing you know how to achieve it.

You need to stimulate your man until he is on the brink of orgasm and then quickly stop whatever you are doing so that the contractions of orgasms are experienced without actual ejaculation. The man will have to tell you when is becoming close to orgasm and just before the moment of no return you need to start press under the head of the penis gently. Allow things to calm down a bit for around 30 seconds, but not for so long that he loses the erection. After half a minute start up again. This can be repeated continuously until you are both tired out.


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