Review of Shawna Lenee´s 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 Program – Is it a Trick or a Treat?

Hello gentlemen! If you want to know how to be better in sex than huge majority of other dudes and get advantage over them then look no further! What you are currently going to learn will change your life dramatically, as knowing that you can make cum any girl you want and give her best orgasms ever will drastically increase your self-esteem and as we all know, having a bigger self-esteem is making whole life easier and better!

What is more, the information provided here might really provide a necessary spark to ignite old flames in a long relationship which has fallen into classical stereotype.

Sadly I did not know that information sooner, maybe I could save my relationship…

“Statistics show us that the top reason, why women cheat on their partners is because they are bored with you in bed!”

However, do not panic as the help is here. As stated by author of program which had changed my life: “even if you apply only a small part of information you will inside of the Two Girls Teach Sex program you will gain such a huge advantage over other guys that might result into sexually binding your girlfriend and woman to you for rest of her life!” The key to this is to give her the most incredible, heart-pounding sexual experiences of her entire life regardless of your size or stamina, and even if you´ve been together for years and the spark seems gone!

You can learn more about how to give her orgasms here: I WANT TO BE A SEXGOD!

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Who Is Shawna Lenee?

Hello dudes! When you arrived at this page you must be wondering who is Shawna Lenee you read and hear about so much! In the past, I was in the same situation as you are now. In the few short paragraphs below you can find everything I managed to find out about Shawna until today!

First of all, at this page you might read that Shawna Lenee is famous porn star as well as author of the sex teaching video lessons called “2 Girls Teach Sex”. If you do not know how Shawna looks like then I will describe her to you. She is a blond girl with blue eyes. What is more, she is really young with great body. At the time of writing of this article she is almost 25 years old (born in 1987 in Cleveland, Ohio). With height of 5 ft. and 2 in. and weight of 105 pounds she has a lovely figure.
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Top 10 Sex Tips for Men – Experience the Best Sex Ever

Unfortunately there are a lot of men today who do not make too much effort in the bedroom. If you do not make a conscious effort, after a while sex will become boring and your partner may end up looking elsewhere.

There are a number of ways you can spice up your sex life and give your girlfriend the time of her life in bed by showing her that you can be a true Greek god between the sheets.

  • Foreplay

If your foreplay technique usually consists of going straight for the clitoris, you probably do not realize that this can be quite rough for a woman and sometimes it might feel unpleasant. Even as menioned in program 2 girls teach sex you should begin foreplay by stimulating other parts of your partner’s body such as kissing her breasts or upper thighs. Once she is aroused then you can move to the clitoris; she will be more ready for it and find it pleasurable rather than somewhat painful.

  • Take your time

If after a few weeks your partner lets you do whatever you want in the bedroom you have found an unusual lover, because usually good sex takes time and patience to develop. Normally you may have to stick with more conventional sex until trust increases and it is time to test the boundaries. Before trying out wild positions, enjoy simple sex and let some time passed before you try more advanced techniques.

  • Using a Vibrator or Sex-toy

Using a vibrator is a great way to liven up your love life as vibration has been found to increase female sexual enjoyment more so than penetration. If you do not have a vibrator at hand anything that vibrates can help; like a vibrating cell phone or having sex with her sitting on top of the washing machine or dryer.

  • Back seat sex

Teenage sex often consists of romantic car rides that end up in a secluded spot with a romp on the back-seat. Most of us have fond memories of those days so why not trying taking a sexy car ride and revisiting past experiences? This can lead to incredible sex as past feelings and the innocence of a new relationship are a powerful combination.

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4 Most Common Sex Myths That Could Be Misleading You

When in school many children make up strange stories about sex. Looking back at them now may make us laugh, and we wonder how we could have believed them at the time.

However, some myths are never really disproved to us as adults and it is possible that we still subconsciously believe in them today.

Unfortunately, these beliefs could be stopping you from having the great sex that you have the potential to enjoy.

Here we take a look at a few of the myths that are commonly still believed by many adults today.

Myth 1: Only men can enjoy porn.

This is most definitely a myth because electroencephalograms have revealed that when women look at pornographic pictures their brainwaves react in exactly the same way as those of a man.

Using erotic material is a great method for women to discover different types of sex and to learn more about the activities they might like to try out for themselves in bed. If you are a woman who enjoys watching pornography alone, try watching with a guy – for sure you will be surprised at how turned on you both become.

Myth 2: For a woman to enjoy sex, her partner’s penis must be of a certain size.

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12 Easy Steps to Female Orgasm

In a way, having sex is like taking part in a sport. It is fun to take part in sports but it is even better when you win. When having sex, winning is equivalent to having a mind-shattering orgasm that leaves you feeling weak at the knees. Sadly, for many women the possibility of winning a sporting event is more likely than having a satisfying sexual session. Having said that, there are some tricks you can quickly learn to help improve your chances of great sex.

1. Don’t try to memorize the Kama Sutra
Although there are certain positions that will give you more enjoyment when you are having sex, there is no right or wrong way, or right or wrong positions. What one woman enjoys will not be satisfying for the next, so the best way is to experiment with your partner to find out what positions bring maximum pleasure. Because different parts of the vagina are stimulated depending on the position you use, changing positions could make a big difference. Some women find that being in control brings them more excitement, and therefore they prefer being on top; whereas others will prefer a more submissive position. So do not try to memorize the Kama Sutra, because what works well for one woman will not necessarily work for another.

2. Exercise the muscles of the vagina
Because an orgasm is a muscular contraction of the vagina if the muscles aren’t well toned it may be harder for you to achieve a strong satisfying orgasm. Squeezing and relaxing the vagina muscles as though you are trying to stop the flow of urine helps make the pelvic floor muscles stronger. These types of exercises are known as Kegal exercises and can have a very positive influence on your orgasm.

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